Welcome to Maximillius Transportation Group Headquartered in: Detroit, MI
Welcome to Maximillius Transportation Group Headquartered in: Detroit, MI

Welcome Shippers

We welcome all the shippers out there, all those hard-working Americans that make everything we need - where'd we be without them?


We're in SE Michigan but we can go anywhere. Give us a call and work directly with a carrier - no more middle man. You make the stuff, and we'll ship it and keep America happy.

Give us a try - 



Your first shipment is 50% off with Max. Sure, we're losing money but who cares? We'll have a shot at earning your business and that's all that matters. I would give 100% off but then we'd have to give up our nice offices and work outdoors. Don't think the office staff would like that very much.


It's 50% off - yes - and there's no fine print. No limits, no legal mumbo-jumbo. Your first load with us is 50% off. It's valid as you're reading this, but this offer might expire at anytime. 

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