Welcome to Maximillius Transportation Group Headquartered in: Detroit, MI
Welcome to Maximillius Transportation Group Headquartered in: Detroit, MI

Welcome to Maximillius Transportation Group


When you need a reliable transportation partner, talk to us. Whether your needs are daily, weekly or monthly, Max will get it done.



Freight Brokers

We are a freight broker's best friend. Max works hard to make you look good. When you need someone in a pinch, remember Max. 


Drive for us

Are you a safe driver? Then talk to Max. We accept all CDL holders and those with Chauffeur licenses with good driving records and who can pass a drug test with a clean background. If so, call us!

If you have something that needs to go somewhere, call Max and consider it done. With a fleet of Sprinter Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, and conventional trailers, you can rest assured that your precious cargo will get to its destination, safe and sound.


We are a Midwest-based company with high aspirations. We answer our phones - we consider auto-answer mechanisms crude and blasphemous and will never employ them. We'd rather employ humans.


We are a company of the future because we care about the past - past ideals of speaking properly, writing well, extending courtesies, and answering every call by a pleasant voice. That's what you get with Max (that's our nickname). 


So you got something to send somewhere? Then send it with Max - nobody will care more for it. You can reach us by calling 248-424-4848. You will be greeted by a human voice, primarily female, but sometimes male.


You won't have to push buttons, select a language, verify yourself, answer secret questions, listen to the entire message because the menu options have changed - none of that. 


You will also not have to navigate seven branches of IVR menus, try to spell someone's last name, speak to a robot that tells you to speak to it like it were human, or be recorded for "quality assurance" purposes. None of that here. This is Max. This is who we are.

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