They call him "driver" for a reason.
They call him "driver" for a reason.

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Welcome to Great American Truck Driving School. 

Welcome Home.


Thanks for stopping by. Here are your options:

  1. Normally $4,500 - get it for only $2,400.00 - A complete CDL training program. 
  2. Get it for $995 with our Pay Now, Train Later program. Click here
  3. Get Sponsored training through our partnership with CR ENGLAND.
  4. Go through Michigan Works and pay -zero- out of pocket.

Top Ten Reasons to come to Great American Truck Driving School:

10. The price is phenomenal. We charge less than 95% of all schools.
09. Flexible as heck. Mornings/Afternoons/Saturdays/Sundays/Full Time/Part Time
08. The Best, down-to-Earth, EXPERIENCED  instructors you will ever find.
07. Learn at your own pace - no rushing, no deadlines. 
06. CR ENGLAND chose us to partner with them - and that means something!

05. Real Semi-trucks & 53-foot trailers - Everything's manual.. We aint playin' around.
04. A yard big enough to swallow our competitors (or what's left of them!).
03. Job Placement is our Middle Name - We got you covered bruh!
02. Our Safety Net: You will pass your Road Test the 1st time or we pay the 2nd time.
01. The people of Great American Truck Driving School. We're always there for you.

This is our 10th year in business. Bad News for our competitors. Good news for you. Come check us out and see how easy it can be.



We've joined forces with CR ENGLAND and they will sponsor your training in full. Check it out:

  • We train you

  • CR England hires you with full benefits

  • You commit only 9 months to working for them.

  • You learn the ropes from a LEADER in the industry.

  • After 9 months, you decide what you want to do.

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If you were born in September, save $100! No kidding!

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