They call him "driver" for a reason.
They call him "driver" for a reason.

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Welcome to Great American Truck Driving School. 

Welcome Home.


Thanks for stopping by. Here's the deal:

  1. Normally $4,500 - get it for only $2,400.00 - A complete CDL training program. 
  2. Get it for $995 with our Pay Now, Train Later program. Click for more info.
  3. We offer one-on-one training too. Call and speak with MK.
  4. We have sensible payment plans and Tuition Reimbursement

Top Ten Reasons to come to Great American Truck Driving School:

10. The price is phenomenal. We charge less than 95% of all schools.
09. Flexible as heck. Mornings/Afternoons/Saturdays/Sundays/Full Time/Part Time
08. The Best, down-to-Earth, EXPERIENCED  instructors you will ever find.
07. Learn at your own pace - no rushing, no deadlines. 
06. We won't waste your time - 95% of your time is spent in the yard and on the road.

05. Real Semi-trucks & 53-foot trailers - Everything's manual.. We aint playin' around.
04. A yard big enough to swallow our competitors (or what's left of them!).
03. Job Placement is our Middle Name - We got you covered bruh!
02. Our Safety Net: You will pass your Road Test the 1st time or we pay the 2nd time.
01. The people of Great American Truck Driving School. We're always there for you.

This is our 10th year in business. Bad News for our competitors. Good news for you. Come check us out and see how easy it can be.

CDL-A ---- ONLY $995 

(But there's a catch...)


We offer this price of $995.00 on only ONE day of the month. That day, if you come forth, you will be blessed to pay only $995 for a complete CDL CLASS A program.


The Day is chosen according to a complex algorithm that takes into account more than 128 separate macro-economic indicators, and delivers The Chosen Number - we shall call it TC# - and that will be the Day. 


The TC# for August 2015 is...28.

If you know what that means, then come and get it. If you're lost at the moment, go back to the beginning of the disclaimer and read again. It might take you three times to fully understand what's going on. 


You cannot call us regarding this matter and all email requests will be rejected. You just have to show up on the Annointed Day and be blessed. 


If you were born in July, save $100! No kidding!

Contact Us:

Great American Truck

Driving School

3411 W Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48216


855-CDL-JOBS - Toll Free
313-309-9900 - Telephone 1

248-787-6699 - Telephone 2

248-974-7824 - Telephone 3 (Emergency situations)

248-232-1517 - Facsimile




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