They call him "driver" for a reason.
They call him "driver" for a reason.

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Welcome to Great American Truck Driving School. 

Welcome Home.


Thanks for stopping by. Here are your options:

  1. Normally $4,500 - get it for only $2,400.00 - A complete CDL training program. 
  2. Get it for $995 with our Pay Now, Train Later program. Click here
  3. Get Sponsored training through our partnership with CR ENGLAND.
  4. Go through Michigan Works and pay -zero- out of pocket, if you qualify.
  5. Make EZ Payment arrangements - no credit checks!

Top Ten Reasons to come to Great American Truck Driving School:

10. The price is phenomenal. We charge less than 95% of all schools.
09. Flexible as all out. Seven days a week. 12 hours a day. Even some federally           recognized holidays. This is the way we do it in the D. 
08. The best, down-to-Earth, friendly, smiling instructors in the business. 
07. No rushing. No deadlines. No stress. You learn at your own pace. 
06. CR ENGLAND courted us as a partner - and they're not very promiscuous!.

05. Real Trucks. Real Yard. Real Instructors. The Real Deal. Not the Raw Deal. 
04. The Management - God Bless 'em. What they have to put it up every day!
03. We're fanatics. You mean almost as much as family to us. We love you.
02. We will never forget you. We get to know you as a person, living, breathing.
01. We are Human.

So, Why is our price so low?


From the CEO...


"I get this question asked to me all the time. What can I say? I don't like screwing my customers, I guess. Plus, I run a pretty tight ship around here. For example, if my secretary can make coffee, enroll students, keep the place clean, answer telephone calls, explain the Michigan Works system 35 times a day, send out fax verifications, clean and sanitize both bathrooms so they're presentable, send for parts, keep attendance, take in money and hand out receipts, keep track of instructors' hours, days of the week, and hours in the day, prepare for payroll, dodge telemarketers & salesmen alike, cajole customers, answer messages, and prepare mail and packages - I don't need 7 employees. Pretty soon, she'll be doing what little I do and I'll be out of a job too." 




We've joined forces with CR ENGLAND. Your training can be free.  Check it out:

  1. We train you,

  2. You get your CDL.

  3. CR England hires you.


What could be simpler? There are some restrictions and limitations, of course. Call us for more details.



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