They call him "driver" for a reason.
They call him "driver" for a reason.

Graduates speak

It's not hard to see why we are loved so much by our students and graduates. Yes, it borders on Love. We leave no stone unturned in our customer service. We not only bend backwards, but also give you the shirt off our back in the process. Our legendary service starts with Mk himself - The Dear One - a mythical figure enshrouded in a mystical realm only visible to himself. Through His Supernatural Leadership and Guidance, the school has created legions of devoted and faithful fans, graduates who carry the name of their beloved alma mater over every limited-access highway and Interstate of this Great Union. Fan's are not born, they are made. Here, you are made privy to a small fraction of the letters and other communications we receive on a regular basis. Our humble nature and cordiality does not allow us to print very many.



"Everything they told me was the truth. They told me what to do and I did it. I got my grant just like they said. They helped me understand the math, and I passed that test. Then I got my grant. Then I got my training for free. Then I got my CDL. Then I got my J.O.B. Then I got paid. And now, I'm getting paid every week. Thank you Mr Mohammed - I'll always pray for you"


Angel P.



"I came from Sterling Heights every day. I passed by two other trucking school on the way to Great American Truck Driving School in the D/. I could have passed by twenty, I didn't care. Nobody has Instructors like Sweet Lou and Big Mo. Trucks dont matter. Location dont matter. Yard dont matter. Classroom dont matter. Price dont matter. Instructors matter. You can tell em I said that"


Clark N. 



"I knew the minute I spoke with Lou. I knew. I saw the light. He might as well have been the Prophet upon the Mount. His words were magical. He actually knew what he was talking about. And he was giving it me raw - the good, the bad, and the ugly. That's what I've been craving my whole life. Someone to just tell me the truth. I knew I could do it. I just needed to know what the hell I was about to do. I never looked back. Best decision in my 54 year old life."


Ali B.



"I saw the advertising on the internet, at home... in Alaska. The words spoke to me. I read every single word on the web site. We decided, my fiancee and me, that I would go to Detroit, MI and enroll in Great American Truck Driving School. But first we called, to make sure it was real. We called several numbers, at different times of the day - we just had to make sure. Yup, we were convinced. We spoke with Mohammed and Madeline several times and then we decided. I got me a plane ticket to Detroit, MI and they promised to pick me up at the airport. And they did. Maurice was there when I arrived and he gave me a ride to my hotel. 


I started training the next day, and I kept it at it for about four weeks. Then it was time to take the Road Exam. And I did. And I passed. And I got to working. And I still keep in touch with the gang every now and then. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT GREAT AMERICAN TRUCK."


Raheem C.


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  • Michael Gilroy (Monday, July 31 17 03:31 pm EDT)

    Mk is a stand-up guy. Winter of 2012 I called Mk in frustration. Really wanted my CDL and just couldn't afford it. I was from Florida at the time, called him and told him my situation. Less than a week later Mk meets me at his old yard in Detroit and reassures me everything is going to be ok. This man saved my life. January of 2013 I had a CDL in my wallet.

    If you read the bio on this site he says he'll "bend over backwards" and "give you the shirt off his back". This is no untruth. Mk and his secretary really do care about you and want to see your success.I recommend GATDS to anyone. You will not be disappointed!

  • shondalyn Moore (Wednesday, October 07 15 07:36 pm EDT)

    AWESOME friendly instructors Mr. Lou, Mr. Isaiah, also Mr. Nick these guys really taught me how to drive these trucks, I passed my Road Exam on the First Take. Great American trucking was a Great
    Experience. I Thank You All

  • Michael Gilroy (Wednesday, February 04 15 01:53 am EST)

    I came from Florida. Spoke to Mohammad on the phone and everything he told me was true. I had a CDL in my wallet a month later (since they slowed down for the holidays). Awesome people! Go here!!!


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