They call him "driver" for a reason.
They call him "driver" for a reason.


These, then, are the Frequently Asked Questions, or in the parlance of modern age typography, the FAQ's, of our Company Sponsored Training Program, or CSTP for short. These were actual questions posed by a number of inquisitors during one of our informal sessions. You could have been there too, but since you weren't, here it is - in black and white. Following, then, are the FAQ's of our CSTP at GATDS. Got that? Excellent!


Q1. What do you mean by Company Sponsored Training?


A1: Basically, a company sponsors your training, by which we mean, they foot the bill, for you to get your CDL Class A license. In return, you agree to go to work for them and give them a nine (9) month commitment. That is the only string attached.


Q2. Do I have to pay anything out of pocket?


A2: Yes. You have to pay for your CDL Permit at Secretary of State ($25), your Physical DOT Exam ($110), and your CDL Road Test ($300). The tuition is totally covered by the company.


Q3. So, you're saying that we'll need $425 of our own money? 


A3: No, we're saying that you'll need $435 of your own money. (Brush up on your math skills, Bro). They're going to pay your tuition, but they're not going to pay for every little permit, exam and incidental along the way. Man up, big guy!


Q4. Is the $405 due all at once? When do I need to have it?


A4: You'll need the money as the event occurs. In the beginning of your training, you'll need only $105 for the Permit and DOT Physical. Then, when the training is over, you'll need the $300 to take your Road Exam. It'll be about 4-5 weeks after your start date.


Q5. What's the company's name? Are they reputable? 


A5: The company is CR ENGLAND - one of the top trucking firms in the United States of America. They are consistently at the top of the lists for taking care of their drivers and getting the load to the destination on time. They are growing, very stable and good to work for. You'll enjoy full benefits, weekly pay, and they take you right away from your graduation to their training center in Ohio. They pay for hotels and transportation - what more could you ask for? Check them out at


Q6. How long do I have to stay with them again?


A6: <sigh>...You commit to a nine-month term of service before you start training. Once you're done with training, you go with them.


Q7. So what happens if I don't go with them after getting my CDL?


A6: Well, it's a free country to be sure. But it's also a country of lawyers. If you breach your contract, you will be, shall we say, referred to "LEGAL" and they'll take it from there. Believe me, you'd rather face Brock Lesner in a Hell-in-a-Cell wrestling match than these lawyers in court!


Q8. So what is the pay like, and time away from home and stuff?


A8: These questions are best directed to the company. You can call 800-421-9004 and talk to one of their seasoned recruiters, even if they're new.


Q9. Yeah, I'm feeling this. So how do I get started?


A9: The best way is to apply with this link, right here: Apply here for CSTP

You can also come into the office and get a paper application. Once they approve you, you're golden. You can start right away.


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