They call him "driver" for a reason.
They call him "driver" for a reason.

Did someone say Comparison? Is there a "comparison shopper" in the house? Okay. We don't normally like to toot our own horn, but since you asked, we'll have to oblige. Now, remember, you can't compare apples to industry sludge, but here it is anyways:






Great American Truck

Driving School

Some Other

Trucking School

Some other

Trucking School



Some other

Trucking School #3

Price Only $3,000 "You have to talk to the Manager" "We're not allowed to tell you over the phone or in writing" "Everything is negotiable"
How long in business Since 2006 "Almost 2 years" That depends on how you define "business" "That's classified"
Are all Instructors Licensed? YES. Of Course. "Well.... "Who wants to know" "It doesn't matter"
Are trucks manual or automatic? MANUAL. ALL OF THEM. PERIOD. "I'll have to go out and see...hang on" "What do you mean, exactly, by manual?" "It doesn't matter"
What happens if I fail the Road Exam? The School pays the 2nd time.  "What? Hey buddy, if you fail, you fail. What do you want me to do about it? "Obviously you didn't study. Don't expect more training for free either." What happens? What happens when the rain comes? You buy an umbrella. 
Do you have a refund policy? YES. IN WRITING. "Well, kinda sorta, you know..." Step in my office...we can talk about it" "No refunds - that's the policy"
How many complaints the past 10 years? Zero. None. Zilch. Nada. A few, but you know, there are always whiners out there, it wasn't our fault Complaints? Nah. Nobody complains. The State website is mistaken. Dont listen to that stuff. The past doesn't matter. We're under new management - Can't you see? 
What if I caught a felony? We welcome you and we'll work with you till you're working. Just don't mess up again. "Umm, that's just too much work for us to deal with - sorry" "Once a criminal, always a criminal - don't bother us - go to Great American."

"Did you say Felony? A tiger doesn't change its stripes. Fuhgettaboutit"

Do you accept Bitcoin for payment? YES. Not a problem. What is Bitcoin? Who? No. we prefer Cash only. Small bills preferred.

Cash is king. Plastic is 5% more. Checks? no way Jose. 



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